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Swanky  Recipes is celebrating the upcoming holiday season by decking one lucky winner out with an Amazon $250 Gift Card!  Get a head start on holiday season and enter to win this great gift from all of us!  I love Amazon. It’s pretty much the only place I shop online when I buy stuff.  They have a large selection of everything you could ever want.  I love buying electronics, home goods, crafts, specialty food products and other everyday stuff I use.  Get a great start on your holiday shopping and ever to win.  It’s easy, get social and gain entries to the contest! Shop for your favorite items on Amazon!  Did you know that Amazon offers great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?!?!  Think, big discount.  Put your money where it matters and where you will get the best deals this holiday season!  Good luck!

The 411 on the $250 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway


You, of course!

Note: giveaway is open to the Continental US, Hawaii, and Alaska. Ages 18+. Gift card will be sent in digital format via email.


ONE – $250 Amazon Gift Card (in digital format)


Giveaway will be open from November 06, 2014 – December 03, 2014. Winner will be chosen at random on or about December 08, 2014. If winner does not respond within 48 hours, an alternate winner will be chosen. Please read more about giveaway terms here.


To have a chance to win the $250 Amazon Gift Card – all you are required to do is leave a comment below telling us what you will do with the gift card if you win!!! The rest is up to fate! 😉

All other tasks are optional to increase your chances of winning.

This giveaway is sponsored by:

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Disclaimer: Amazon is not affiliated with this giveaway or its sponsors. Prize is being provided by sponsors mentioned above.

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80 Responses

  1. Sarah Hanrahan

    There are SO many books I would love to buy and maybeeeee a new lens for my camera… something I have wanted for ages but cant get the money together to buy! <3

  2. Lauren G.

    If I win, I will use the gift card to buy a sewing machine.

  3. Donna Raterman

    I soo need to buy some medications, and need a little help this month. So this money would greatly come at a great time! 🙂

  4. Kristina Drexler

    If I win, I will use it to buy Christmas gifts for my kids!

  5. Jennie pilant

    Being on a tight budget, I would use the card to buy Christmas presents for my family.

  6. Lauren

    With this gift card, I would spend it on Christmas for my son. I have just had my first child 2 months ago. Being on a tight budget constantly this would really help with not only Christmas, but everyday needs that I need for him. It would go to Christmas items for him, plus clothes, food, & diapers.

  7. Sara Quinn

    Omg I love this giveaway, it will really help out with Christmas for my babies. Thank you all so much for this chance

  8. Colleen

    I would love to win this gift card! I am currently taking a cupcake making and decorating class and there is a cuisinart hand mixer, cupcake baking tins and other goodies just burning a hole in my wish list!!!

  9. Linda T

    I will use this for my niece who has four boys and will need the money for Christmas

  10. Angel Renel Yu

    If I win the gift card, I’ll be buying my very first Amazon item (probably a book set or something). Which is by the way, perfect as a gift for myself this holiday season. 😀

  11. Christina

    I have some major Christmas shopping to do! A little for my kids, a little for my husband, and maybe a little for me. I would love a new winter coat.

  12. Wendy Moore

    I have my first grandchild coming this year. I would use the gift card to purchase things for my new granddaughter.

  13. Lowanda Jamison

    If I were to win, I would purchase much needed items for my day job and my night job (blogging). I am in need of a new camera to take pictures of activities that I facilitate at work as a school counselor as well as to take pictures of events I attend for my blog. This would truly be a great asset to my life!

  14. Elin

    As I’m currently attending grad school, probably text books.

    And maybe a cookbook for good measure!

  15. barbara n

    I would buy lots of presents for my granddaughters first birthday! Grandma’s are for spoiling!!

  16. Rabia @TheLiebers

    I have three ideas, but I can’t choose between them. I’d like some new dinnerware, a new sewing machine, and some nice Christmas presents for my family.

  17. Joanne

    I would use the Amazon gift card to buy holiday gifts for friends and family. I would also like to buy myself a new coverlet set.

  18. Cara Wong

    I have been eyeing a full set of hard anodized commercial cookware set for awhile. If I win that card I’m getting this! It will start me off to a great year of cooking healthy recipes 🙂

  19. Erica Muray

    I would get my boyfriends kids a tablet. We all love playing on the computer and it would be nice to let them have one to use while they are down.

  20. Makayla

    Of I won the gift card I would buy all the little things I need till for my new house since I’m just starting out on my own. I would also buy some of the gifts I have planned for Christmas and birthday coming up. I would love this so much I would have more money for bills and home repairs.

  21. Kaitlyn

    I would save it and use it for books, movies, or other things that come up that I end up wanting. Yes, I’m a nerd. I love using gift cards to get more ebooks.

  22. veronica

    buy a camera because the camera that did not work anymore, and I have lost those precious moments. 🙁

  23. jaime@FSPDT

    I would spoil my husband and get him a new laptop for Christmas/birthday/anniversary since they are all in December:)

  24. Mervyn

    I’ll ease up the back log in my wishlist/shopping cart

  25. Tahani Peracha

    If I won i would use the money to buy my friends and and family gifts cause i love them and owe them sooo much for always being there for me 😉

  26. niomi waters

    if i won i would buy a camera for my friend who cant afford one

  27. Charlotte

    If I won the $250 amazon gift card. I would buy books, a sewing machine, and Christmas gifts for my family. With the extra money, I would buy baking supplies because I love baking.

  28. Charlotte

    If my mom wants me to buy something for me instead of for other people like I said in the previous comment, I would like to buy a beautiful alto saxophone.

  29. Stacey K

    I would buy a camera lens for my boyfriend. Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Tione Rodney

    This gift card would definitely help me out to cover the cost of getting myself a new Samsung Galaxy Note 7.0 tablet after my old Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet suddenly stop working and I had to borrow my friends kindle to read my ebooks on for school. I’m desperately in need of a new tablet since it helps to be more organize, carries all my ebooks for school, emails from school and all my school materials are in one place. Receiving this would be the best gift ever………

  31. Patricia ham-Ying

    Money is really tight this year. I would use it to help my loved ones.

  32. Amy D

    Thanks for the chance to win! Christmas gifts, some for the family and some for donation.

  33. jessica w

    I would use it to buy supplies for our baby that is due in May. Thanks for the chance to enter, and Happy Holidays

  34. Danette

    It’s that time of year…I’d buy Christmas presents…and maybe something for me too. 🙂

  35. Debarshi das

    this is an awesome giveaway and I would use this to buy Thomas and friends and Garth brooks. 🙂

  36. nissa

    if I won the $250 gift card, I would use it to get my fiancé and her family something for Christmas for taking me in when I was homeless.

  37. Danielle

    If I won I would HOPE to get the Amazon Echo! I am on the waiting list. I hope I get approved…I spend enough $$$ over there LOL Or else I would get some clothes for my husband. He loves track suits, such a silly guy

  38. Nicole Ferrara

    I would buy some much needed stuff off a few animal rescue wishlists.

  39. Ashley Riddle

    I know I probably had a 1 out of a thousand shot at winning this 250$ Amazon gift card , but here it goes . If I won this gift card , I would spend it on my very sweet mom . I’m struggling a little financially this year and don’t know what I can get her, she will never how much I appreciate her and all the positive influences she brings to my life. Hopefully we can do some holiday baking this year as that is some of my favorite moments with her. Love you mom!

  40. Becky Lawson

    I would possibly buy a Chromebook for my mom… but if she didn’t want it, I’d buy myself the gaming mouse I want and a LOT of the books off my wishlists, both Kindle and Print formats.


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