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Hello and thank you for visiting Swanky Recipes.

I am a 20-something year old Midwestern girl living in New Orleans.  I’m a Laura Ingalls Wilder cousin/relative and of Charles Ingalls bloodline.  I’ve taken time off of pursuing a nursing career to fulfill my dream of owning my own business and being a food blogger.  I love to write and travel around the United States hiking mountains, kayaking and visiting friends from coast to coast as well as baking for family and friends.

My two favorite cities in the United States are Chicago and New Orleans.   Since November I have been living in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I am loving this transition in my life.  On the weekend I am often baking, hiking at parks with my two Labrador dogs or hanging out with friends.


My friend and I started this blog out of passion for documenting our culinary adventures in the kitchen.  I enjoy baking on a sunny day in my kitchen developing recipes and adapting old family favorites.  Baking for the holidays with family and friends is something I look forward to.  I have fond memories helping my mom in the kitchen when I was a little girl even if it was just adding the flour and butter to the mixer.  My mom was the best baker I knew growing up.  We would often bake a recipe a night starting after Thanksgiving.  This would amount to dozens of cookie recipes that would be frozen for all the holiday parties.


Flour   In my early teens I became a vegetarian.  After school I found peace in baking for myself.  Luckily, my mom understood my healthy perspective on food and let me experiment down this road on my own.  I developed a love for fruits and vegetables and cooked fantastic vegetarian food.


   The best part was that it was not only healthy but was bursting with flavor.  My friends enjoyed my perspective on healthy eating and would often want my recipes over their meat filled dishes.  I stuck with this diet for about 9 years.  In college I started eating non vegetarian food again.  I now happily enjoy a healthy mixed diet.


 Here at Swanky Recipes you will find me writing about my experience in the kitchen trying to new recipes, developing recipes and adapting favorites from other bloggers.  I hope you will enjoy what we have to offer here.


Please feel free email me with any questions or comments as I most look forward to what you have to say.

Email me at Knotj5144 {at} gmail {dot} com


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Southern Living – social media influencer

Delta Faucet – social media influencer

Sweet’N Low® – Brand Ambassador for 7 months

Rubbermaid®- 6 month ambassadorship






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