Jack Daniels Marinated Steak

Simply the best steakhouse steak sauce! One of my favorite summer dishes is cooking steak on the grill with an assortment of cooked vegetables. That is not so easy in winter when the snow is unpredictable and the grill is blanketed with it. I love steak, so here is a way to prepare it indoors. If you’re craving that taste of summer cook-outs, the taste of a juicy steak, we have you covered. Plan ahead; buy a bottle of wine and serve the steak along side a baked potato and carrots. The Jack Daniels Glaze is one of the most scrumptious sauces you will ever taste on just about any meat. This sweet and slightly spicy sauce can be ordered on salmon, baby back ribs, steak, chicken, pork chops and chicken wings. This glaze tastes pretty identical to the original glaze. It is best to apply this glaze late in the cooking process as the sauce has sugar in it that will quickly burn. Apply just before taking off the flame and apply extra to serve. Here we have included two recipes. ¬†One is for a marinate that can be started up to a day ahead. ¬†Simply follow recipe and … Continue reading Jack Daniels Marinated Steak