Vodka Root Beer Floats

Vodka Root Beer Floats

Root Beer Floats are a long-time favorite for summer refreshments. ¬†Combining the flavors of both root beer and creamy ice cream, it is easy to mix and match to create scrumptious flavors. ¬†A root beer float won’t be a float without ¬†ice cream! ¬†This float starts with the classic flavors of root beer and a creamy coconut ice cream with a twist of vodka for an adult beverage. ¬†Vodka complements this foamy root beer float very well, it should be noted. ¬†It is the quintessential summer treat, a root beer float, with scoops of ice cream floating in bubbly foamy root beer glasses. ¬†It’s the perfect balance with a flare for adults to enjoy. ¬†This is an amazingly delicious recipe to kick off the summer with! ¬†Grab a barrel full of flavor with a frothy, full bodied taste of root beer floats. ¬†Root Beer Floats are a classic childhood treat and are so easy to make that they can now be enjoyed as an adult beverage. ¬†Treat yourself to this classic drink. ¬†Serve in a swanky glass or Mason jars. ¬†Of course, this can be made non alcoholic as well.

Heavy Base Cooler Glass – 15.5 Ounce in Clear, 4

Tall Beverage Glasses, Set of 4 Classico

Mason Jar Mug with Handle – 16 oz – Pack of 6

Mason Jars – County Fair 16.5-Ounce Drinking Jar with Handle, Set of 12

Paper Straws, Blue and White Striped

Vodka Root Beer Floats – Minimalist Bakers, click here for recipe

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