Mexican Tortilla Soup - A tilted view of a white soup bowl and white plate on a blue and white napkin and wooden board with cilantro in the background. Bowl of red and yellow broth has shredded cheddar cheese, dice tomatoes, cilantro leaves, corn, pinto beans, white onions, green onions sprinkled throughout dish. Corn tortilla chips and a wood spoon sit at the top of the bowl with a dollop of sour cream with 3 cilantro leaves and a lime slice.

Mexican Tortilla Soup – Classic Mexican soup in a tomato, garlic, onion seasoned broth with chicken. A delicious corn and mild taco flavored soup broth loaded with vegetables and herbs like cilantro, lime, jalapenos, corn, pinto beans, and onions. Served with tortilla chips, cheddar cheese, and sour cream

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