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Chicken Pot Pie Puff Pastries

 There is something about a meal prepared in under a half hour that is so inviting.  These chicken pot pie puff pastries are easy to prepare.  I’ve been making them for years, so when I came across this recipe, I had to share it.  If I could eat this everyday, I probably would along with chocolate.  I love puff pastries and a light and flaky pastry crust is what makes this pot pie the ultimate recipe.  This recipe is great to use with any leftover chicken and vegetables that may be around.

Chicken pot pie does not need to be a big ordeal!  Here is how I’ve been making mine – A 30 minute meal!!

Chicken Pot Pie Puff Pastry recipe – Katies Cucina – click here

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    Amanda @ Cookie Named Desire
    09/04/2014 at 7:59 pm

    Oh wow! This is such a cool idea. They looks absolutely delicious, I really want to make these soon!

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