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Healthy Chicken Wrap

Mesquite Chicken Wrap

A classic grilled chicken sandwich gets perked up with heart healthy avocado and antioxidant rich mango.  A tasty and healthy wrap made with chicken breasts and tossed with seasoning and include fresh vegetables.  A fun new way to enjoy the traditional sandwich without the mess.  This recipe uses grilled chicken and is perfect for outdoor grilling and leftovers.  Grilled white meat chicken breasts, fresh spinach, ripe tomatoes, delicious mango and mesquite seasoning wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla topped with cheese.  An easy and versatile idea for lunch, dinner or a nice picnic.  Lately, I have been enjoying a few varieties of this for dinner about 3 times a week.  I use chicken breast or steak strips coated with mild spices and tossed lightly in Ceaser, Blue Cheese, Ranch or Western dressing with fresh, organic vegetables and low-fat cheese.  It is great for a no-fuss meal and with all the varieties, it doesn’t get boring.  It helps to have a Panini press, but I rarely use it now that I have the wrap technique down.  Take chicken to a new level with this high protein recipe.

Mesquite Chicken Wrap


Chicken Wrap by Sandras Easy Cooking, click here for recipe

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