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Chocolate Pecan Coffee Cake

There are so many reasons to love coffee cake.  The fact that you can eat this for breakfast tops the list of loving coffee cake!  Chocolate pecan coffee cake is so good!  If you’re anything like me, you pick off the crumb topping first.  Whether you serve it for breakfast, lunch or dessert, coffee cake is an all-time favorite.  This is a moist cake with toasted pecans, dark chocolate, espresso and swirls of cinnamon.  Want more crumb topping?  Make this a mile-high crumb topping that everyone loves and double the topping in the recipe.  Sitting leisurely in the morning with a slice of coffee cake and a steaming cup of coffee is one of life’s little pleasures.  Be sure to stop by Baker Bettie for this amazing Chocolate Pecan Coffee Cake, link below.

Chocolate Pecan Coffee Cake

13 x 9 Oblong Pan with Cover

Nonstick 9-Inch-by-13-Inch Pan with Lid

Chopped Pecans, 8-Ounce

Baker’s Bittersweet Chocolate

Ghirardelli Chocolate Baking Chips, bittersweet


Chocolate Pecan Coffee Cake by Baker Bettie, click here for recipe.

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