Crispy Corn Flake Chicken

Crispy Corn Flake Chicken  The ultimate moist and crispy chicken recipe my family has been using for years.  Chicken breasts marinated in seasoned sour cream and coated with seasoned and crushed corn flakes.  This recipe can feed a crowd and can be served alone or with mashed potatoes, rice, broccoli or any other vegetable desired. I’m always looking for ways to add flavor to chicken and here is one of my favorites that I’m sharing today.  This corn flake chicken adds a lot of flavor and crunch without having to fry it.  Fried chicken is a southern dish that is seen everywhere but is not always convenient to make.  If you’re looking to cook something a bit healthier without sacrificing flavor and texture, this recipe is for you.  Don’t settle for traditional crispy chicken that is deep fried.  This recipe is a crown-pleaser and is easy to make. To make this chicken moist, I coated it in light sour cream and seasoned it.  I marinated it for about an hour or two before coating it with seasoned corn flake crumbs.   This flavorful and aromatic chicken recipe is the ultimate weeknight dinner.  Cook it over the weekend and portion it out … Continue reading Crispy Corn Flake Chicken