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Frito Burger


Frito Pie Burger

It is hard to beat a perfectly grilled burger, that is until you take it to the next level with some amazing flavor combinations.  This burger is stacked similarly to Frito Pie because it uses crispy corn Fritos, hot chili, cheddar cheese and a few extra toppings.

This burger is stacked with seasoned warm beef and chili corn chips.  It’s messy, over the top and indulgent.

Build a better burger with this easy to follow recipe for succulent patties, fresh toppings, sauces and more.

Everything is BIG in Texas and that’s exactly what you will get here.  A traditional Texas burger and it’s probably something you have never had before or thought of doing.  It’s exceptionally delicious!

The Frito Pie Burger from Jason and Shawnda at Confections of a Food Birdie, click here for recipe

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