Jack Daniel’s Peach Bars

Jack Daniel's Peach Bars


This recipe uses fresh peaches with a hint of Jack Daniel’s whiskey infused with a sweet, crumbly cobbler topping.  I love peach cobbler.  But peach cobbler with Jack Daniel’s whiskey?  Yes, delicious is an understatement here.  This dessert sweet, buttery, crumbly and moist all in one great dessert square.

The peaches are marinated in whiskey and are baked in a buttery shortbread crust, then topped with a drizzle of Jack Daniel’s spiked glaze for another dose of a booze infused dessert!  This recipe is so easy that it is literally impossible to fail.  These peach pie squares unite the delicious flavor of peach pie with the ease of serving it as a simple bar.  They pack a great big taste that will you satisfied.


Jack Daniel’s Peach Pie Bars from Susan at The View From Great Island, click here for recipe.

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