Fresh Peach Pie

Peach Pie

Savor sweet, juicy peaches this summer with our best peach pie recipe.  Enjoy the taste of summer with fresh peaches, homemade pie crust and homemade maple whipped cream.  Generously top the pie off with a few scoops of vanilla bean ice cream.  Remember Grandma’s delicious, mouthwatering, scrumptious pies baking in the oven?  No matter how you make it, this will always remain a classic southern dessert to me.  This is the most decadent peach pie recipe with a twist.  Maple whipped cream, it’s totally optional, but so light, fluffy and scrumptious.  This homemade peach pie is to-die-for with it’s flaky crust and fruity center topped off with maple whipped cream.  It is the perfect buttery pastry with fresh sweet peaches.  This recipe is great for summer’s sweetest, most delicious fruit.  This fresh peach pie with maple whipped cream is great for the perfect dessert for your next get together.  Link below.

Fresh Peach Pie

Fresh Homemade Peach Pie from Sift and Whisk, click here for recipe

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