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Beef Recipes

Classic and traditional beef recipes to be enjoyed a variety of different ways. Recipes that can be filling alone or paired with side dishes. Beef recipes that can be prepared on the stove top, crock pot slow cooker or baked in the oven.

Beef Recipes/ Sandwiches

Frito Burger

  It is hard to beat a perfectly grilled burger, that is until you take it to the next level with some amazing flavor combinations.  This burger is stacked…

Beef Recipes

Quick Roast Beef

The sight and smell of roast beef as it comes fresh from the oven is bound to stimulate your taste buds in anticipation of a succulent meal. I make…

Beef Recipes/ Soup

Hearty Beef Stew

Here is a recipe for a classic beef stew.  It includes plenty of fresh vegetables.  It is a timeless delicious slow cooked meal big enough to serve any family.  From…

Beef Recipes

Apricot meatballs

My friend was having a poker party recently that I was helping set up.  When I saw the food that he was serving, I thought he could use some…