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Oven-Roasted Orange Chicken

Roasted Orange Chicken

Oven-Roasted Orange Chicken with Fennel

Oven-roasted chicken with orange and fennel makes this dish one of my favorites.  Chicken and citrus are a perfect pair.  This recipe for roasted chicken with fresh, citrus fruits is easy to prepare.  This is comfort food at it’s finest with a savory, herb roasted chicken and fresh citrus flavors.  It is a moist and flavorful chicken with a fabulous, fresh citrus juice.

This citrus recipe with leave the roasted chicken nice and juicy.  It’s perfectly flavored with herbs too.  Getting this recipe prepared is simple.  Simply prep a few chicken thighs, slice oranges and lemons and flavor with fresh herbs.  Within an hour, you can have your own gourmet and elegant dinner ready.

Don’t settle for traditional orange chicken that is deep fried, sticky and full of sodium.  Try this oven-roasted chicken flavored with fresh, orange and lemon juices that will leave you wanted more.  This dish is also gluten free and a healthy choice.

Orange Chicken

 This dish is packed with scrumptious flavors from being marinated.  Simply allow to marinate for an two hours in an herb and citrus juice or prep the night before.  After roasting the chicken thighs, nestle in some of fresh citrus and aromatic herbs to complete this dish.  Roasted Orange Chicken is truly a savory, fresh and healthy dish to eat.  A bit of citrus tang brightens poultry without overwhelming it in this recipe.

 Oven-Roasted Orange Chicken with Fennel from Fool Proof Living, click here for full recipe.

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    08/29/2014 at 5:33 pm

    Yum! Orange chicken is my favorite, and now it’s healthier! Can’t wait to try this out!

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