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Rocky Road S’mores Ice Cream


Rocky Road S'more Ice Cream

Rocky Road S’mores Ice Cream

Rich and velvety chocolate ice cream full of marshmallows, nuts and graham crackers.  Homemade ice cream is one of summer’s biggest pleasures.  Now you can make your own summertime dessert with miniature marshmallows, toasty nuts and graham crackers.

There is nothing more in summer that I love then eating a light dinner on  a hot night and having a frozen dessert cone of homemade ice cream.  It is the little pleasures in life that are so rewarding.

Chur up this incredibly rich and thick homemade ice cream recipe at your next summer party.  Chocolate lovers, this recipe is for you!  Give everyone something to salivate over with this decadent rocky road and s’mores homemade ice cream!  A rich and luscious dark chocolate that is both sweet and salty.

This homemade Rocky Road S’mores Ice Cream is rich, thick, creamy and is the perfect frozen dessert for a hot summer evening!  A dark chocolate dessert with delicious chunks of salty and toasted peanuts with sweet mini marshmallows and graham cracker chunks.  Cool down in summer starting with recipe from Sift and Whisk.


Rocky Road S'mores Ice Cream

Smore’s Rocky Road Ice cream from Sift and Whisk, click here for recipe

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