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Strawberry Cupcakes

Easy Strawberry Cupcakes

These fresh Strawberry Cupcakes are made entirely from scratch with real strawberries.  These delectable cupcakes will melt in your mouth.  There is nothing like a delicious sweet fresh strawberry.  The cupcakes look and taste divine!  They are rich, moist and bursting with strawberry flavor.  When I think of  flavors that really sum up summer for me, it is fresh strawberries, basil and peaches.  These cupcakes always turn out super moist and the frosting captures the sweet flavor of the strawberries.  Each bite will turn up fruity pieces of real strawberries.  The cupcakes are soft, fluffy, moist and deliciously good for any occasion.

Strawberry Cupcakes


Strawberry Cupcakes with Swiss Meringue Buttercream Frosting from A Happy Food Dance, click here for recipe


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