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Brita Water Bottle

 This past week has been both busy and enjoyable.  It seems that the nicer is gets outside, the more I have to get done.  Our day to day lives can get so busy that sometimes we can forget to take some time to take care of ourselves.  It’s important to take care of the little things and stay hydrated when we get busy.

It’s heating up outside and I cannot seem to get enough of the outdoors this time of year.  It feels great to put on my shoes and hit the walking paths and hiking trails in the area.  Being outside is refreshing and rewarding.  I have a lot of projects I need to get done for the house such as planting a vegetable garden and painting the deck.  I’ve also scheduled some me time and so it’s the best of both worlds.  From the time I wake up in the morning until I lay my head down at night, I’m on the go.

I stay pretty busy throughout week and can’t afford to get dehydrated.  If you’ve ever been dehydrated then you know that it’s no fun.  Not having enough water can lead to headaches, muscle aches, a foggy brain and a sluggish body. I always, always have water with me wherever I go.  From the time I wake up in the morning to the evening, I’m drinking water. Drinking more water can boost the immune system, aid in losing weight and lead to better sleep. I’ve found that by having a filtered reusable water bottle, I drink more water.  It’s convenient to be able to fill it up anywhere.  The water is truly crisp, cold and refreshing.  I got this Brita Water Bottle from Walmart in the hardware section.  They have a large selection of these reusable bottles that are both hard shell and soft.

On Saturday, I spent time working on the garden.  Planting new flowers, adding soil, hay and trimming the trees.  Temperatures reached 90°F later in the afternoon and so I made sure to get it all done earlier in the day.

Gardening with Brita Water Bottle

After a busy work week that consists of making recipes for the website, styling food and taking pictures, editing photos and writing content and keeping up with social media, it’s nice to take some me time.  My weekends are spent outside doing something fun.  This week I wanted to get outside to plant some flowers I had sitting around for the past few weeks.  I find gardening to be a great stress relief.  It puts me at ease is can be very rewarding.  I love going outside to take a break in summer to water the garden.  It gets very hot and humid in the south during summer month.  In fact, 9 months out of the year it’s hot here and summertime can be unbearable if you’ve never experienced it and therefore I never leave the house without my Brita Water Bottle.


Once or twice a week I take a photography class.  Some days we are in a house learning and other days we are all over the city photographing life.


Even though I don’t travel far, heavy traffic means I’m sitting in my car a lot.  It’s nice to have a reusable water bottle with me.


After work, I come home and usually put dinner in the oven.  Then, I clean up the house a little before heading outside to take a quiet walk along Lake Pontchartrain.  I take a few pictures of nature on my walk.

The summer sunsets in the south are amazing on the lake.  I’ll stop by the park where kids are playing baseball on the way home and refill my Brita Water Bottle with tap water before heading home.

I use Brita because it makes the water I drink taste better.  Having this filter simply means it’s removing zinc, cadmium, chlorine, copper and mercury.  By removing these harmful contaminants, it’s one less thing I have to worry about.  It also leads to me drinking more water and staying hydrated.

Reuseable Brita Water Bottle

  Here are a few tips to increase water intake.

1.  Replace sugary beverages with cold water.

2.  Buy a reusable Brita Water Bottle.  Fill it up at the office, school, outdoor parks, bathrooms or anywhere a blubber or sink is.

3.  Add fresh fruit to water.  Simply add a lemon, lime or cucumber slice to water.

4.  Drinking water when you first wake up in the morning can flush out impurities and will jump start the metabolism after sleeping all night.

5.  Drink water with every meal and snack during the day.

6.  Freeze little bits of peeled lemon, limes, oranges or cucumber and use them in place of ice cubes.

Using a reusable water bottle costs less than buying water bottles.

For more information and uses of Brita Water Bottle, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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