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Recipe Development

As a recipe developer, Jessica creates new and innovative recipes that showcase the brand’s products in a positive light. She works closely with the marketing team to develop recipes that meet the company’s objectives.

Her role involves researching and experimenting with different ingredients and cooking techniques to create recipes that are unique, easy to follow, and delicious.

Brand Ambassador

As a brand ambassador, Jessica’s role is to represent the company’s brand and promote their products through various marketing channels. She works closely with the marketing team to develop and execute strategies that raise awareness of the brand and drive sales.

Jessica uses her extensive knowledge in the food industry to create engaging content that showcases the brand’s products in positive and authentic light. This may include developing recipes, styling food recipes utilizing the brands products, creating social media posts that demonstrate the use of the products, and appearing in promotional videos or photoshoots.

As a brand ambassador, Jessica is a valuable asset to the company. She helps to build brand loyalty and increase sales. She maintains a positive and professional image, both online and in person, and ensures that she represents the brand’s values and messaging accurately and consistently.

Commercial Photography

Jessica is a commercial food photographer who specializes in creating images for food and beverage advertisements. She has experience working with national food brands.

She is responsible for capturing high-quality photographs that not only look delicious but also entice potential customers to try the product. During a photoshoot, Jessica carefully selects the appropriate styling props, backgrounds, composition, and lighting to showcase the food in the best possible way. After the photoshoot, Jessica uses editing software to enhance the images, ensuring that they are color corrected and free from any imperfections.

Jessica’s role as a commercial food photographer is key in creating images that effectively market a brands audience and encourages consumers to try them.


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