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Celebrate the beginning of spring with these Easter recipes.  Plan to make your holiday desserts and Easter basket treats with these recipes.  Find everything from classic carrot cake, truffles, Cadbury and Peep inspired dessert treats, to everything with bunnies, chicks, eggs, bird nests and a few other classic recipes.  Whether your looking for something new and fun, simple and easy or traditional, this round up for 25 Easter Dessert Treats is for you!

The first holiday of spring is here and the weather is hopefully starting to warm up.  Invite family and friends over to start the spring off with some delicious and trendy recipes everyone will love.  These recipes will be a big hit for Easter festivities.


Carrot Cake – Swanky Recipes

An easy homemade carrot cake recipe for super moist cake made from scratch.  This carrot cake is tender and perfectly spiced, with balanced sweetness.

Carrot Cake recipe

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