Thanksgiving is a few weeks away and it’s time to make a crowd-pleasing dinner menu that everyone will love.  Cook up a menu that will allow your guests to feast on both classic and traditional recipes as well as more modern twists on classic recipes that we all love.  Thanksgiving is a holiday everyone looks forward to and for good reason.  Whether your hosting the holiday feast this year or bringing a dish to pass, we have something you’ll enjoy.  From lots of homemade roll recipes to numerous mashed potato and gravy recipes, turkey, cornbread, pumpkin desserts and side dishes we have you covered.  Best of all, we’ve included slow cooker recipes that will make the holiday a little less hectic.  Thanksgiving day should be about enjoying the company of family, friends and loved ones and sitting down together to have a great feast together.


Cheesy Green Bean Casserole – Spicy Southern Kitchen

One of the most requested must have Thanksgiving dishes ever!  Green Bean Casserole is a must for any feast!

Cheesy Green Bean Casserole

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