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Big Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie

Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie


Jumbo Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies with an extra richness and flavor from dark chocolate and espresso.  This huge cookie is rich and gooey!  Chunks of chocolate make this cookie gooey and decadent.  Espresso simply enhances that dark chocolate flavor and it’s delicious!  And with the healthful benefits of dark chocolate, devouring a cookie or two couldn’t get any better.  If you love chocolate and homemade cookies, than what could get better than a double does of chocolate flavor with these easy cookies made from scratch.  These cookies are bursting with intense chocolate flavor and have a crave worth chewy, ooey and gooey texture.  Let this double chocolate cookie become your favorite cookie of all time!  Reach for this chocolate cookie when the next chocolate craving hits.

Chocolate Cookie

Big Double Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie from Baker Bettie, click here for recipe

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