The top recipes of 2015 are in and we can’t complain!  So what made the list this year?  Cookies, lots of cookies.  I think it’s safe to say that our fan are most comfortable making cookies and it’s something we plan to bring more of in 2016.  While most of the list is desserts, we did have some savory dishes, such as a Baked Potato Salad and pumpkin seed recipes, lots of pumpkin seeds in fact.  Our goal for 2016 is to bring more savory dinner recipes as well as keep up with sweet desserts for the home cook.

This next year we plan to post about 1 pot dishes, sheet pan dinners, pasta recipes and plenty of dessert recipes.  Thank you to all our fans!

Twix Cookies

These cookies made an appearance in 2015 and have been shared like crazy.  It’s such a simple dessert to make and one that everyone can make.  I remember making these in the kitchen and eating them while preparing them.  It’s hard to only have 1 at a time.

Twix Cookie Recipe


Strawberry Cream Mimosa

These beautiful mimosas aren’t just for celebrating something special.  We made them for brunch and paired them with croissants and donut holes.  We’ve definitely made these beauties a few times this year.  The combination of real fruit, cream and champagn gives these mimosas a boost to the top list of 2015.

Strawberry Cream Mimosas

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