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Kick off winter with these favorite holiday cookie recipes!  Whether you are throwing a party for family or taking a plate of cookies to pass at work, giving treats to the neighbors or simply baking cookies with friends while wrapping presents and sipping wine, celebrate in style with these delicious recipes.  Thanksgiving is the “unofficial-official” beginning of the winter parties and baking season and we have got some seriously good recipes for you to try!

Everything from traditional spritz, shortbread and sugar cookie to chocolate mint cookies, caramel chocolate sugar cookies, meringues, oatmeal cookies and fun snowman cookies.

This year, Swanky Recipes has compiled a list of traditional holidays cookies.  Last year, our holiday cookies ranked in over 170,000 pins and shares on social media and is still rapidly growing today.   To see last year’s list, click here.  Tis the season’s of baking and giving.  Get everyone in the kitchen this year and make memories while baking up a delicious storm of cookies!


Glazed Lemon Sugar Cookies – Swanky Recipes

The ultimate soft and chewy lemon cookie is great for any occasion.  Wow your family and friends with this luscious cookie.

Glazed Lemon Sugar Cookies

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    1. Hi Barbara,

      Because I’ve featured other bloggers in the post, I cannot post recipes. However, the link is above the photo with the title name.
      Shortbread Cookies – Swanky Recipes <------ (active link) photo

  1. FYI-When I have to click through the arrows and wait for them to down load the recipes , I loose interest. It takes 45 seconds per recipe. I have cable which is fast. I got through 15 and quit.

    1. Hi Judy, there are no recipes, these are from other bloggers that link up. The links are above the photo. It will state the title of the recipe and the name of the blog website. Example – Glazed lemon Sugar Cookies – Swanky Recipes (then photo).
      Also, thanks for letting us know. We’ve had a very large increase in traffic and sometimes the website can slow down when there are hundreds and hundreds using it, we’ll try to fix it! Thanks

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